How to Prepare Your Business for a Web Project

So your company has an outdated site that sits stalely on the web doing nothing for business, and you can’t remember the last time it sent an actionable lead across your sales desk. It’s past time for a complete rewrite. So you hit Google and start searching for a firm to do the work. Hold […]

Marketing Is “Easy”

Ask anyone in the marketing industry (advertising, research, digital, etc.) and they will not deny the fact that many people, still, think marketing is “easy” and some have a very hard time understanding what the value of marketing is. It might be because the internet is flooded with “how to in X easy steps” marketing […]

Do It Yourself Marketing

One night after countless hours spent online I came across, as the name indicates, it is full of DIY stories gone wrong. One of my own DIY stories will be remembered by me and my parents forever. When I was a little girl, I decided to do my parents a favour by washing their car. […]

Bet Your Business on User Centered Design

Users want something from your website and you better give it to them fast. But how can we know what the user wants? And how can we know the most effective way to give it to them? Design that is not focused on delivering immediate value runs the risk of alienating and driving away a […]