Markon First Corp

Better User Experience, Editor Experience and Mobile App for Markon

The Markon website suffered from several issues, creating a headache for the marketing team.

First, the website had a dated design, which did not properly convey the forward-thinking, modern company that Markon, Inc., actually was.  It also was not mobile-friendly, and managing its extensive catalog of produce and food products was very difficult and time-consuming.  This left the marketing team frustrated when dealing with content updates for their website.

Nuffer Smith Tucker partnered with Sagetree to implement the much-desired improvements for their website on the Drupal content management system. The Sagetree team was a key player in accomplishing the following:

  • Implementing Nuffer Smith Tucker’s award-winning design to improve the user experience and Markon’s brand image online.
  • Making the website design mobile-friendly for phone-based browsers.
  • Integrating their produce and product database with their online catalogs.
  • Implemented a private dashboard for member-partners.
  • Streamlined & optimized the editor experience to make content updates easy

Mobile App Development

The Sagetree team also designed and developed the new Markon mobile app, which featured the produce & product catalogs, recipes, news & alerts. Content from the Drupal website fed the data for the mobile app, so content managers only had to update the content once on the website, and the mobile app would automatically be updated.

For Markon, this custom-developed Drupal integration made updating the content on the mobile app a breeze.

For the mobile app users, the new app delivered a much improved user experience, ensuring users had all the Markon data they needed at their finger tips.