International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

New Website Design Helps IBEW 569 Connect with New Members

Clear branding and intuitive design help achieve growth goals

San Diego & Imperial County’s IBEW 569 wanted to redesign their digital presence to attract a younger demographic of electricians and electrical contractors. To maintain the strength of the organization, it was critical to connect with younger members. As a long time partner, the Sagetree team was called upon to design and develop their new website.

Sagetree first researched the websites frequented by IBEW’s target demographic of men and women. Shauncy Green, Sagetree’s Director of Design, then implemented those design aesthetic elements into the final UI to make the website more relatable and appealing to new recruits. Large, bold typography, high-contrast colors, and large full-page background images featured authentic photos of  members. Sagetree also ported the website from Drupal to WordPress.

As a result, IBEW 569 has a bold, impactful website that projects a modern brand image that connects with new and old members alike.