Ecommerce Repair Helps Drive Growth and Acquisition

Sagetree helps San Diego company acquired by Netgear and launches product in Apple store

When Avaak’s previous development company could not deliver on the functionality it needed for its website, Sage Tree Solutions was asked to come to the rescue. A first round performance assessment determined that the site was in need of Drupal CPR.

The steps taken were:

  • was given a clean Drupal installation, and the site was completely reviewed to ensure its optimal performance.
  • The site was integrated with Ubercart and Zuora so that the orders could flow into their subscription management system, rather than through PayPal.
  • A JanRain custom module was used to ensure the site’s user-friendliness giving the site a single sign-on process for both Vuezone’s video portal and the online store.
  • The menu systems were revised to make them more intuitive, and a redesign of the product pages was implemented.
  • The Steelhouse module was customized to allow Vuezone to easily track users paths through the site as well as get up-to-the-minute data analysis.

Through these efforts, Sage Tree helped Avaak get acquired by Netgear. Additionally, with the expanded markets, they were able to help NetGear / Vuezone establish distribution through the Apple store.