San Diego Metropolitan Transit System

SDMTS Reusable Interactive Map

Reusable Map Widget Helps SDMTS Highlight Attractions Accessible via Public Transit

Educating the public about the attractions available via public transit has always been a recurring issue that challenges the San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (SDMTS). As technology evolves, people access information in new ways, on new devices, and organizations like SDMTS needs to be able to engage people in these spaces.

The SDMTS web development team is responsible for a variety of map displays using various technologies. Often, it requires a lot of effort and cost to implement these custom mapping solutions and it can even be more difficult maintaining them as information needs to be updated.

Sagetree was selected to deliver a customizable, embeddable, mobile-friendly, Javascript map widget that could be used in standalone HTML pages and content management systems like WordPress and Drupal.

The custom map widget featured customizable pins, pop-up text, animations, and custom map overlays. Further, the widget featured a JSON-formatted configuration file, so the SDMTS map could reuse and customize the map on different pages.  Because it’s customizable, the SDMTS web team was able to customize the icons and overlays, so the user interface would be consistent with the rest of their branding.

As a result, SDMTS has a reusable mapping widget that they can use on multiple web pages to help showcase the wonderful attractions accessible via public transit in San Diego County. The map widget helps build awareness for the utility and convenience of the public transit system in San Diego and helps drive ridership.


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