New York Journal of Books

Rebuilt Drupal website helps New York Journal of Book Scale

Website resurrected into robust platform for growth

The New York Journal of Books’ website was in trouble.

Ghosted by their previous developers, NYJB’s website suffered from a broken user interface, agonizingly slow pages, security issues, and error-prone code.

Sagetree was hired to clean up the mess.

A Drupal 7 website was built to fix all the problems. After Sagetree’s relaunch of the website, New York Journal of Books enjoyed a professional web presence that loaded fast and delivered a pleasing user experience.

In the second phase of the project, Sagetree created a customized system that automated NYJB’s book review publishing. Integrated with Amazon’s book API, along with reviewer dashboards and email alerts, the system coordinated a sophisticated workflow between staff, reviewers, and publishers.

With Sagetree’s help, the New York Journal of books new website helped attract more traffic, driving AdWords revenue. The workflow automation also allowed dramatically increased the number of reviews published.