Teachers Stories

Custom website shares the impact of Teachers

Easily Collect Podcasts, Videos, and Teacher "Appreciations" And Share With The Community

With their goal in mind, Sagetree created an interactive experience that allowed for transparency in the client’s progress to their goal when receiving donations. The site is also very playful, featuring animated children and gifts making the user’s experience fun.

The mission of Teacher Stories is to share stories and experiences with teachers who have elevated peoples’ lives. To satisfy that mission, Teacher Stories needed an easier way for their audience to engage with and join the community. That means gently encouraging users to contribute and making that process as simple as possible.

Sagetree developed custom content architecture to enable their mission by uploading video, audio, and text-based “appreciations” for teachers. “Custom content architecture” is a fancy way to say we made it easy for the Teacher Stories team to create and upload this content, and display it automatically on the website. No wrangling with custom HTML or paying a developer to manage content. For Teacher Stories, content is automatically displayed in a way that is easy to engage with users learning more about the wonderful experiences we’ve had with our teachers.

The redeveloped Teacher Stories website is centered around user engagement. Visitors are encouraged to share stories, make donations, and sign up for the Teacher Stories newsletter. Proactive audience development leads to more repeat visits and user support. It’s all tracked behind the scenes with Hubspot, a tool that measures engagement across mediums from newsletter signups, donations, and Teacher “Appreciation” submissions.