Endurance 22

Custom design boosts classroom engagement

Reach the World’s mission is to improve global literacy by connecting children in disadvantaged communities with student travelers. Through their unique, web-based software platform, travelers are able to blog, upload photos and videos, and have web meetings to share their journey with classrooms across the United States.


The opportunity of a lifetime with the Endurance 22

A once-in-a-lifetime educational opportunity arose to partner with Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust. Sunken and lost for over 100 years, Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship, the Endurance, was somewhere at the bottom of the Antarctic sea. Reach the World was selected as the expedition’s educational partner in the search for the Endurance. They needed a website to engage teachers and share this amazing adventure with classrooms around the globe.

Sagetree stepped in and designed and built a website to help educators share the excitement of finding this lost ship.

Interactive web experience

As a result, Reach the World has been able to connect with more classrooms, fulfilling its mission more powerfully. When the Endurance was actually found, this historic event was shared around the world through the website built and designed by Sagetree. Reach the World is still using the website to share resources, to help educators teach STEM lessons from this exciting event.