Maximize your website’s ROI with Sagetree’s 360 degree website audit

A strong website is vital for attracting and keeping customers.

However, a website that misses the mark can lead to a host of problems for business leaders and marketers. It can become invisible on search engines, making it harder for potential customers to discover. An outdated or clunky website can quickly turn visitors away, while a site that fails to guide users to take action can hurt sales. If your competitors have slicker, more intuitive sites, they’re likely to outpace you. Plus, an older website might be more open to security threats, and dull or confusing content could fail to draw in your audience.

Your website wears a lot of different hats and it takes a lot of different skills to put together a professional web presence.

  • You need a content strategist to make sure your messaging is consistent, focused, and easy to understand.
  • You need a graphics & design expert to ensure that your website has the fonts, colors, and images to intuitively connect with your customers.
  • You need a digital marketing expert to make sure you are measuring your traffic, nurturing your leads, capturing leads and sales.
  • You need an SEO expert to make sure your site is ranking for the keywords customers are using to find you.
  • You need a web developer to make sure the analytics is wired up correctly, and that the website is performing fast.

It can be overwhelming ensuring that best practices are followed for every role that your website fills. Managing a website can be frustrating too, when your days are spent wrestling with minute details versus larger, strategic efforts that will grow the business.

That’s why the team here at Sagetree developed our 360 Degree Website Audit.

It is a comprehensive evaluation of your digital presence, that identifies what you are doing well, as well as what areas need improvement. It’s an opportunity to take an unbiased look at the first point of contact between you and your customers and make sure you’re making your best first impression.

What’s in the Audit?

The Sagetree audit evaluates your website in 4 core areas:


Is it easy for your website visitors to understand what you do and how to do business with you? People are overwhelmed with information and if your website can’t quickly explain how you help, customers will leave.

Design & User Experience

With the overwhelming amount of content on the internet today, you want customers to connect with you on an intuitive level. A professional design makes that happen.
The right selection of fonts, colors, photos, and user interface elements (buttons, headings, etc.) all contribute to creating a ‘delightful’ user experience to help you convert leads into customers.

Digital Marketing

Is your website optimized to build awareness, engage visitors, and then convert visitors into customers? Are you using the best channels for connecting with your customers?


Search Engine Optimization is important so you can be found when people are looking for your products or services.

Analytics provide metrics on traffic and content, so you can make informed decisions on your online efforts.

Performance is important because it affects your user experience and search engine results rankings.

Compliance helps to ensure a good user experience but also protects you from potential legal entanglements.

How does the audit work?

It’s easy.

  1. Start the purchase process in the form below.
  2. We’ll perform a comprehensive audit of your website
  3. We’ll review the results over zoom (which includes recommendations and a PDF report)

With our prioritized checklist of improvements from the audit, you can take the next steps in optimizing your web presence.  Usually there are a number if recommendations that you will be able to do yourself. There may be some where you will need to enlist the help of your web developer. If you don’t have one, Sagetree is always available to help.

Finding your happy space

Your website may already be very strong in certain aspects, and may have some weaknesses in others. When your website is firing on all cylinders, you eliminate all the friction that’s hindering your online success.

As you steer through the digital landscape, the Sagetree 360 Degree Website Audit serves as your compass, ensuring that every aspect of your online presence is aligned with your business objectives. The audit not only highlights your strengths but also unveils opportunities for growth, providing you with a clear path forward. By addressing each recommendation, you can refine your website into a dynamic and effective tool that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. Embrace the insights from this comprehensive audit and watch as your digital presence transforms into your most powerful business ally, driving you towards a future of success and growth.

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